Take Your Tanzanian Overland Safari To The Next Level With These Activities

Tanzania is one of the most interesting destinations on the African continent. It has built up an enviable reputation as one of the most wonderful countries to explore while experiencing the joys of an overland safari. It has some of the most breathtaking natural vistas in the world, the game that makes its home in various reserves in Tanzania is incredible (the Serengeti is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World) – and there are cultural experiences that will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

There are a number of different overland safari routes that are available to the modern day explorer. One of the most common overland safari routes is one that leaves the town of Arusha heading for the world famous Serengeti National Park and the extinct volcanic crater of Ngorogoro. En route, many tour operators set aside some time for guests to enjoy one of the other game parks in Tanzania such as Lake Manyara. Many also schedule time to allow visitors to Tanzania to take in the majesty of Mount Kilimanjaro while overnighting at a town like Marangu.

One of the most rewarding excursions, while engaged on an overland safari, is to take the opportunity to explore the wonders of Ngorongoro Crater. This unbroken caldera is one of the few on the planet that is not filled with water – and as a result, has become an Eden for many different game species. The thick, mist-shrouded sides of the caldera hold more wonder than magnificent views of its soaring walls. The profusion of wildlife here is simply breathtaking. As the mists lift and the indigo sky of Africa is revealed, the blazing sun lights up a scene that has not changed in thousands of years. Grazing species such as Zebra and Buffalo and the large shapes of Elephant and Rhino carpet the floor of the crater. Hyena lurk at the edges of herds and lions wait patiently for night to fall. This UNESCO World Heritage Site must be experienced at least once by any nature lover.

Another stop on the overland route is the village of Marangu. This is not going to supply the thrills of an excursion to the Serengeti – but it can provide some views of majestic African scenery and insights into the local culture.

An excursion to the Ndoro Waterfall is well worth the effort. Enlisting the help of a local guide is definitely the way to go. Not only will this make the trip a lot less stressful – but the guide will often be able to accompany visitors on walks around local villages to get a taste of authentic Tanzanian life. The Falls, which cascade 97 meters from the depths of the rainforest are definitely worth the visit. those who wish to cool off can take a dip at the base of the waterfall. there are also some great local restaurants that offer delicious food.

Heading down to the coast one stop that simply must not be ignored is the island of Zanzibar. Grab a local guide and ask to explore the local spice markets. For a more in-depth look at the spice trade and why Zanzibar was at the epicenter of that trade for many years visit a spice farm. Visit the holding cells that were the last stop for many slaves. During the 19th century, around 50,000 slaves were forcibly transported from Zanzibar each year. For a more uplifting and relaxing excursion, book yourself on a sunset cruise off Zanzibar. Local rum and beers flow and as the sun sets the local drummers to supply the beat on the boat. It is an experience that will live on in memory for years.

An overland trip across Tanzania is a delight. The sheer variety of experiences that can be enjoyed will delight those who wish to explore the wonders of nature, delve into ancient cultures and simply revel in the friendliness of the locals who call Tanzania home.

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8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Cayman Island Vacation

The three islands that make up the archipelago of the Cayman Islands are filled to the brim with culture, stunning natural beauty, history – and some of the best resort style accommodation in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are a haven for those who want to lose themselves in a paradise and throw off the worries of the modern world – at least for a while. The sheer number of attractions and activities that are available to any one of the almost 2 million visitors who head for the Cayman Islands each year make it extremely difficult to choose what activities to prioritize. After all, you can choose to laze on the pristine sands of Seven Mile Beach, swim with stingrays. Drift over unspoiled coral reefs, venture into the deep to enjoy a day of sport fishing or explore the wonders of the rain forests that blanket the islands. The Cayman Islands offer a world of possibility. The choice is difficult – – but here are eight of the best activities just to make that choice a little easier.

1. Tantalize your Tastebuds.

The Cayman Islands are regarded by many as the culinary epicenter of the foodie scene in the Caribbean. Visitors can enjoy anything from international cuisine to the freshest of seafood and local favorites. There are also a number of food festivals that take place throughout the year, for example, the Cayman Cookout which as once hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain – so you know that you are in for a treat. Of course, seafood should be on the dining agenda of any visitor to the Islands. Try a hole in the wall version of charred Wahoo or coconut shrimp. How about fresh (caught daily) chili oil flavored lobster tails. Or go for something exotic at Tukka – the blackened lionfish tacos (invasive species – so eat all you can). Enjoy live music at many of the venues – and simply chill.

2. Go Deep.

There are many who believe that the Cayman Islands are home to some of the best diving experiences in the Caribbean. Local lore suggests that given the fact that there are three islands in the chain it is possible to find a new dive site every day of the year. Great sea life, wreck drives and dramatic drop-offs combine with exceptional visibility to make diving the Cayman Islands an experience that will not be forgotten.

3. Look on the Bright Side – Kayaking.

A nighttime kayak experience off the islands should not be missed – the magic of bioluminescence lights up the ocean at the aptly named ‘Grand Cayman’s Bioluminescent Bay‘ on Grand Cayman. Take in the sparkling caused by tiny marine organisms that make it feel as if you were paddling through a galaxy of shining stars.

4. Saddle Up.

The sheer freedom and joy of riding a horse along the fringes of the Caribbean across pristine powder white sands should not be underestimated. A number of your operators are ready to make that dream a reality.

5. Dive, Dive, Dive?

No, not SCUBA – take some time to admire the underwater wonders of the Cayman Islands from the comfort of a submarine. Atlantis Submarines’ embarks from Seven Mile Beach and takes guests on a trip through an underwater wonderland. Along with 48 other people, you will experience the wonders of the coral reefs and the magical drop-offs where marine life abounds as you descend to 100 feet below the surface.

6. Go Caving.

The Crystal caves are a wonder of nature. The group of 105 caves formed out of limestone feature natural formations that glitter in the light. Guided tours make the experience both fun and educational. For the brave, there is the Bat Cave and for those who simply want to bask in natural wonder, there is the Lake Cave with its still expanse of deep green waters.

7. Don’t Ignore the Iguana.

Grand Cayman is home to the impressive Blue Iguana – which those interested in natural history will find fascinating. the blue color becomes even more striking. they can be seen at the ‘ Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park‘. They are a conservation success story. The population had consisted of only a dozen individuals at one point – but a conservation program has seen them bounce back.

8. See a Galaxy of Starfish.

You don’t have to strap on tanks to really experience the natural wonders of ocean life while visiting the Cayman Islands. Get to Starfish Point where thousands of red cushion sea stars can be seen on the sands only a foot from the surface. Easy to access – head to Rum Point and take Water Cay Rd to the end.

A trip to the Cayman Islands will be filled with wonder. Make paradise your destination today.